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Lockouts are Our Specialty

Sometimes it is just not your day. You lock yourself out by leaving your keys in your house or car. When such thing happened, you should try and recall if any other family members have another set of keys. You should also recall where you last placed your key and whether you can reach it from outside.

Car key and Immo system

For car key, losing it means you may miss your important appointments or worst – not being able to fetch your kids for important events or lessons. If you call your car dealers, you may end up with a huge bill. Stay calm and call SoS Autokey who also deals with car lock. Tell me your car brand and model so that he can bring the necessary tools to open the car. Once there, me should be able to open your car very quickly.

Our service provide
  • Locks & Safes

  • Emergency Door Opening

  • Emergency Car Lock Opening

  • Full Security Surveys

  • Auto Car Key Service

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