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You may not open your Safe Box regularly and can easily misplace the keys or forgotten its PIN. It is natural that you start panicking when such thing happened as there are so much valuables or cash in the Box. Please stay calm and try to recall where you have kept the keys or the PIN. If you still cannot find the keys or PIN, you may have to call a locksmith who have the experience to open a Safe Box.  


As the name implies, the Box is to keep things really safe and therefore it would take the locksmith some time to open. Opening of Safe Box is also known as Safe cracking. There are many methods of opening the Box without the keys or PIN. However, you must be prepared for the worst case scenario where the Box is forced open using offensive way (cut or break open it) if all methods failed.  If the locksmith has to use brute force to open the Safe Box, it can imply that the Safe Box is of high quality.


If you have lost the keys or PIN to your Safe Box, call us at 018-221 0889 // 016-2230889 now to arrange for the opening of the Safe Box.  Besides expertise in opening Safe Box, we are also specialists in opening door lockscar locks and other locks.  You can also email us at

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